2011 reunion

Friday afternoon

Pool Time

Friday Dinner

Sprouse does "Grace"

Vern Responds

Cole objects

Who Are These People?

Who Cares

More TGIFers

Mrs.Grosse and Mrs. Arce

The Coach Greets Friends

Rusty's Fashion Statement

The Calm Before --

Still Calm --

Firin' up Dinner

The Guys Firing Up

'Bring Back Memories??'

The Laugh Replaces the Calm

--as do the horns

and some weird people

and more of the same

and more of the same

'Ive seem some stranges birds; but this?--

Yeah,lot's of them - eating and drinking

Tysen, Marilyn & Higgins

Anderson & Howsam ('64)

Pete Marr & the Arces

The Sales, and 2 Bobs (Kreuter & Lowe)

Evans, Hallgrimson & Marr

Gunn & Rhein

The Lieutenant & his staff

Sale and Symington

Paul Kral & The Grosses

Paul and Barbara Kral

Reynolds, Higgins & their far better halves

Professor Porteus & Rhein

Dave Reynolds & Walt Thompson

Goodbody, Mazza & Yingling brothers

Bob & Beth Lowe

"Rudi" & Tortuga Scholar Scott Yingling

Rusty Grosse & the Arces

Tortuga Scholar Scott Yingling

Scott & his brother Eric

Tom Gertmenian

Bill Burnett

Bill Sparrow

Gunn & Symington

McIntyre, Reynolds & Eppley

Jeff Smith & Jack Ritchey

Bill Arce reading an old Ayer

2 Organizers facing the crowd

The 3 Organizers

The Cough Drop Brothers

1 more picture & back to Buellton

"Not You"

"Who's Driving?"

Dancing with The Stars

More Dancing Stars

No Mirrored Ball Here

A Happy Foursome

"What's a Spragg Bag?"


and more Dancing Stars

"Can I Have the Last Dance?"

"We Made it; Harriet Drove"

da Kanaka Kids

"When Next?"

"What Do You Think?"

"It's a deal - April 19-21, 2013"

"I can't wait that long"

"I'll be There"

"Chamberlin and Cadagan are nuts"