2013 Reunion

Friday afternoon

At the pool

Dee and Ross

Rudi & Scholar Annika

Good food

Good meat

Good heavens, let's eat

Training table

Kanaka Haoles

Rusty & Bebe

The Gunns

The Arce boxing class story (again)

The standard bearer

The Adams Family

A Professor, a Scholar, a Sparrow

Almost half a ball team

Gunn & Rhein

Da Gangstas

The Intellectuals

Scholar Annika & 2 Deadbeats

First Scholar Ryan Hutchison & 2 more deadbeats

Our Scholar Reunion Guests

"You & JC did WHAT !?"

The Cuttings

The Saarloos Granddaughter

Hard at work

With Grandpa supervising

Gangstas at rest

Stinky's best customers (54 years ago)

The Myers & Ross Workman

Cutting & Kral (oops its Rusty, not Paul)

and their FAR better halves

"Still at my playing weight"

"Who are you kidding, Herb?"

A thank you --

-- gift for Willy

being admired by Willy

and the gift procurers

Crocodile Sprouse

Great BBQ !

Headin' back

to town

So we can sit (and drink more)

2 more Kanaka Haoles

Delightful party !

This says it all

Our fantastic host