August 2015 Memorial for Willy Chamberlin

During the summer of 2015 Willy Chamberlin lost his fight with cancer. On August 29 a memorial
celebration was held at the Chamberlin Ranch, just north of Los Olivos, California. Several hundred
persons were present,from the various communities and organizations that were part of Willy's life.
Special appreciation for his accomplishments was expressed by family members,business colleagues, and
ranchers, friends and officials from the Los Olivos area. One of the speakers was Bob Lowe, who spoke
on behalf of the Tortugateers of Prado Dam.

Willy's contributions to the Tortugateers were especially significant. Elsewhere on this website there is
reference to his dealings with the college administration in 1960 allowing the group to stay on campus and
eventually leading to the name change to MaraTogas. There is also ample reference on the website to the
many reunions that Willy hosted at the Ranch. Browse the site for photos of these various events. Finally,
he provided much of the impetus for the formation of the Tortugateer Endowment at the College.

In testimony to all these contributions about 25 Tortugas and wives or partners and friends were present
at the Memorial. Many others sent notes of condolence. The event served as a mini-reunion of sorts; it
also served to remind all of the many ways in which Willy affected those he touched