Scholarship Fund


At some unmemorable point of time at the 2005 Reunion at the Chamberlin Ranch the creative juices were flowing, along with other liquids, and some wise person first suggested the idea of having the Tortugas make a stab at improving the club’s image and reputation with the current college administration by establishing a scholarship fund in the club’s name.  An ad hoc committee consisting of Ken Cole, Jerry Cadagan, Willy Chamberlin, Marshall Sale and Steve Hallgrimson took on the task of working out the details and negotiating an agreement with the college.  Slightly less than a year later an agreement was signed with the college establishing the Tortugateers of Prado Dam/Mara Toga Scholarship Fund.

Key elements of the agreement were: annually the college will provide to a selection committee made up of Tortuga people a list of 3-5 deserving students (male and/or female) who have completed a year at the college; the criteria for receiving the scholarship shall be “someone who works "smart," plays "smart," enjoys life, pushes boundaries and looks you in the eye at all times”; the selection committee shall make the final determination regarding the scholarship award; in the event total gifts to the fund shall not have reached $100,000 by March 31, 2011 those fund then accumulated shall revert to the William B. Arce Scholarship Fund.

The first solicitation letter went to approximately 170 Tortuga in March 2006.  By early 2007 total contributions had exceeded the $100,000 figure.  As of June 30 2012, 12 total contributions were $307,121, plus $21,750 in pledges, and the Fund's market value was $319,974. As of June 30, 2015 the market value of Tortugateers of Prado Dam/ Mara Toga Scholarship fund was $557,394

Meanwhile, a Selection Committee was recruited consisting of Nick Frazee, Bill Barrington, Rusty Grosse, Terry Evans and George Kennedy. 

In 2007 Ryan Hutchison was selected as the first Tortuga/Mara Toga Scholar.  Ryan joined us for the 2008 Reunion and continued to receive the scholarship until his graduation in Mid-2009.

Ryan Hutchinson

Subsequently Scott Yingling was selected as the second scholarship recipient.  Scott was a member of the Class of 2011.

Scott Yingling

In late 2011 the Fund's Selection Committee chose to name two Tortuga Scholars -- William Knowles (Class of 2013) and Annika Jessen (Class of 2014).


The following year Annika was selected as the sole recipient for the college year ending in May 2014.

IMG 0637 copy

Max Winsberg was the beneficiary of the fund in the 2015 after Annika's graduation.


The current beneficiary for 2016, recently chosen, is Tara Gilbreth.

Scholar Tara Gilbreath with Marshall Sale and Rudi Smith.

Scholar Tara Gilbreath with Marshall Sale and Rudi Smith.


In summary, the Tortugateers of Prado Dam Scholarship Fund has been a huge success.

If you wish to make a donation please download the form here and follow the directions on it.